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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct - All Stuffed Squirrel Locations

There are a total of 16 Stuffed Squirrels in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Finding all of them will earn you the "No Stone Left Unturned" trophy / achievement. Your progress will be saved everytime you find a new collectible. There is no need to look for it again if you die. There are 16 areas in total and each of them has exactly one squirrel collectible.

WARNING: You cannot get all collectibles in one playthrough! You have to play through the story at least two times. At some points you can travel in two directions with your car. If you choose one location you won't be able to visit the other unless you start a new game and replay the areas. All statistics (collectibles, kills etc.) will stay if you start a new game in the main menu.




#1 - Cabot Ridge
After the opening sequence you will see a cutscene where Daryl punches a mirror. Go into the next room and instead of talking to Jess, go right and search for the stuffed squirrel in the corner of the room.

#2 - Sedalia
Shortly after this area starts you will go through a very dark room and enter an alley. There is just one single walker, kill it from behind an climb up the ladder. Once you are on the roof, go right and jump over to the other rooftop and enter a dark room. In the room is a ladder. Go down and you will find the squirrel on a table.

#3 - Pemberton
After completing Sedalia make sure you travel to the location on the right side, which is named Pemberton! After talking to the Sheriff you will get the task to check out the motel. Across the street from the motel is a little shop. On one of the shelves is the stuffed squirrel.

#4 - Fontana
In the very beginning of this area you will come to a parking lot. On the right side is a fenced area. To get in there you need to jump up some boxes and from the boxes jump over the fence. On your way out you need to jump on a car and from the car to a rooftop. On the rooftop is the stuffed squirrel.

#5 - Oakview
You will come to a place where humans use searchlights and shoot zombies. You will have to sneak by and go through a hole in a fence. Now you will be in an area with lots of tents. Follow the fence to your right all the way to the last tent. Inside the tent is the next stuffed squirrel.

#6 - Taggart
After meeting the lady in the projection room you will have to go to her house and find her cat. In the backyard of the house is a shack and in the shack is the squirrel.

#7 - Lemon Hill
After talking to your brother Merle, go all the way down the alley. This alley is behind the building where Merle is located (in the direction where you came from). At the end of the alley is a ladder. Climb up and look in a small niche in the ground, on the rooftop.

#8 - Barksdale
In the very beginning of this area you will be in an alley. Exit the alley and go to the other side of the street and into the building with the "Donuts" sign. Go through the hole in the wall and look on the ground behind the counter.

#9 - Archer Creek
After pushing the third car you will enter a building. After opening the entrance door you can find this stuffed squirrel to your right, on the ground behind some shelves.

#10 - Danvers
After going up the stairs (because the elevator doesn't work) you will go through a corridor and enter an office. In the office go left. In the left corner of the room is the squirrel behind a desk.

#11 - Sherwood
From where you start in this area, go into the first house on the left with the barricades in front of its door. Go through the house and into the garrage. The stuffed squirrel is in the garage, on a table.

#12 - Firesign Stadium
In the very beginning of this area you see an assault rifle and a lot of ammo on the ground. Keep moving and go around the corner, past the broken tank (follow the compass). You will get the objective "Continue moving towards the stadium". When going past the before mentioned tank, keep going straight instead of following your compass and look for a tent with that has a sign saying "HQ" written above its entrance. In this tent is the squirrel.


#13 - Garwater
When entering this area a police officer will give you a shotgun. After receiving the shotgun follow your compass down the road until you come to a fire station. There is a green jeep parked in front of it. Enter the building and turn right to find this squirrel on a table.

#14 - Cleburne
When entering the morgue you will see lots of zombies eating bodies on the floor. In the same room is the stuffed squirrel. It's in the corner of the room, on a table. You have to crouch and sneak past the zombies to grab it.

#15 - Lafferty
After talking to Noah Cruz you will go through some shops. The stuffed squirrel is on the counter, in the center of the last shop. This is the last room before leaving the building.

#16 - Polksville
Just a few seconds after starting this area you will have to enter a broken, green train. Go as far to the right as possible and you will find the last stuffed squirrel on the ground, at the end of the train.

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