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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

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1. Collectibles
1.1. All Blueprint Locations
1.2. All Audio Log Locations

2. Story-Related
2.1. The Last Stand (Chapter II)
2.2. Carnage in C-Major (Chapter III)
2.3. Invisibility Spray (Chapter IV)
2.4. Target Master 2.0 (Chapter V)
2.5. Car Wash of Doom (Chapter VI)
2.6. Club Con! (Chapter VII)
2.7. Fusilateral Quintrocombiner (Chapter VIII)
2.8. I, Robot Master (Chapter IX)
2.9. The Harder They Die (Chapter X)
2.10. Internal Affairs! (Chapter XI)
2.11. Slap The Grimlock (Chapter XII)


Bronze Trophy Beachcomber Bronze Trophy
Collect all blueprints
There are a total of 15 blueprints in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Collecting the blueprints will unlock new weapons and tech items. Blueprints do only exist in chapters 2-9. All chapters can be replayed, so don't worry if you missed a collectible. You can exit the chapter after reaching the next checkpoint and all your progress will be saved.

Bronze Trophy Cassetticon Audiophile Bronze Trophy
Collect all audio logs
There are a total of 51 Audio Logs in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The Audio Logs are scattered across chapters 2-12. All chapters can be replayed, so don't worry if you missed a collectible. You can exit the chapter after reaching the next checkpoint and all your progress will be saved.


Bronze Trophy The Last Stand Bronze Trophy
Chapter II: Save two Autobots when Optimus is downed by the first Leaper
During Chapter II you will come to a place where you get knocked down by a blast. A Leaper (purple colored Deception drone) will attack two of your comrades. Shoot the Decepticon's thrusters on its back before it can kill one of your fellow Autobots.

Bronze Trophy Carnage in C-Major Bronze Trophy
Chapter III: Take out a cluster of five Decepticons using Metroplex's Air Strike
During Chapter III you will be given the chance to call in airstrikes with Optimus Prime. A giant Autobot called Metroplex will then shoot rockets at your target. Press R2 (PS3) / RB (X360) to aim and X (PS3) / A (X360) to confirm the target.
You have to take out 5 enemies with one airstrike!

Bronze Trophy Invisibility Spray Bronze Trophy
Chapter IV: Sneak through the Trash Compactor Facility undetected
In the very beginning of Chapter IV you will learn the cloak ability. Once you activate the cloak for the first time (forced event, cannot be missed) the path for the trophy / achievement will begin.
Some enemies have to be killed from behind and others can completely be ignored. Use your cloak ability to stay undetected. In case you are being seen restart the last checkpoint. The trophy / achievement will unlock after reaching the control room.

Bronze Trophy Target Master 2.0 Bronze Trophy
Chapter V: Shoot a Sniper out of the air with a scoped weapon
During Chapter V you will be attacked by decepticon snipers several times. Pick up a sniper rifle and look through the scope. Wait until the Decepticon lifts off and shoot it immediately. They often lift off after missing a shot!

Bronze Trophy Car Wash of Doom Bronze Trophy
Chapter VI: Destroy all of the homing mines chasing Blast Off before they self destruct
In the very beginning of Chapter 6 you will have to follow your Decepticon comrade called Blastoff. There are a total of 9 homing mines that you have to shoot down before they can self destruct. Always stay in flight mode and use your Heavy Neutron Gun (machine gun) on all of the mines. If you should fail to shoot down a mine pause the game and restart the last checkpoint.

Bronze Trophy Club Con! Bronze Trophy
Chapter VII: Ram a jet (on the ground or in the air)
Jets are some type of Autobots that appear towards the end of Chapter 7. After crossing the acid pools you will have to take out the second set of wheels of the giant machine. In this area the Jets will spawn. Wait until one of them drops down to the ground and switch to your vehicle form. Hold down L1 (PS3) / LT (X360) and press R2 (PS3) / RB (X360) to ram and destroy the Jet Autobot.

Bronze Trophy Fusilateral Quintrocombiner Bronze Trophy
Chapter VIII: Melee an enemy through the goal post
Towards the end of chapter 8 you will be playing as a giant Decepticon called Bruticus. Shortly after you gain control of him you will reach the goal post. There will be many autobots hiding behind barriers and shooting rockets at you. Stand in front of such a barrier and perform a normal strike to knock them out (Circle on PS3 / B on Xbox 360).

Bronze Trophy I, Robot Master Bronze Trophy
Chapter IX: Destroy all images of Starscream and his Statues
After gaining control of Megatron in the beginning of Chapter 9 you can destroy computer screens and statues of Starscream. There are a total of 4 small purple colored screens, 3 big screens with Starscream's face on them and 2 golden statues. Shoot all of them with your gun and finish the fight against Starscream's minions. After a short cutscene the trophy / achievement will unlock. You have to restart the chapter if you missed something.

Bronze Trophy The Harder They Die Bronze Trophy
Chapter X: Kill five Autobots with a single hover slam attack
At the end of chapter 10 you will have to reforge a Decepticon named Trypticon. You will come to an area where you have to defend Trypticon while he powers up. Watch out for a progress bar that says "Trypticon Energon Level" that is displayed on top of the screen. Once your comrade "Soundwave" starts working on one of the consoles you should head right immediately. 4 Autobots will come out of a door and another 4 will jump down a rooftop. As soon as you see the ones on the rooftop enter flight mode by pressing R2 (PS3) / RB (Xbox 360) and press the same button again to smash down to the ground. Restart the checkpoint if it didn't work or wait for the next waves of enemies to come in - there will be plenty of them!

Bronze Trophy Internal Affairs! Bronze Trophy
Chapter XI: Hack all of the security terminals before the Decepticons can activate them
Shortly after chapter 11 starts you will come to a wide open area where you have to plant three EMP's on Shockwave's tower. There are 5 security terminals and their locations are not marked on your screen.
You have to be real quick if you don't want the Decepticons to take over the terminals before you do. Also make use of your cloak ability, it helps a lot!

Bronze Trophy Slap the Grimlock Bronze Trophy
Chapter XII: Kill a Leaper in the air with an explosive barrel
At the end of chapter 12 you have to destroy two consoles to lower an energy shield. You get here right after a short flight sequence. It's a wide open area with lots of enemies. At some point a bunch of leapers (purple colored Decepticon drones) will attack you. The Leapers often jump around with the intention of hitting you. In the same area are explosive canisters that are highlighted with a red glow. Throw such a canister at one of the jumping leapers.



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