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Resident Evil 6 Guide

Partner Guides: (Guide by Mieze90) (Guide by MsFuruba & Dark_Raven666)
(Guide by Genesis x360a)
(Guide by NeroRadec707 & nauGie) (Guide by Zsadist) (Guide by REVIL)


1. Collectibles
1.1. All Serpent Emblem Locations | Leon | Chris | Jake | Ada |

2. Story-Related
2.1. I Prefer Them Alive (Leon's Campaign - Chapter 2)
2.2. Flying Ace (Chris' Campaign - Chapter 4)
2.3. Hard Choice (Jake's Campaign - Chapter 4)
2.4. Sneaking Around (Ada's Campaign - Chapter 4)

3. Miscellaneous
3.1. Bob and Weave - Counter an enemy's attack three times in row.
3.2. Down, Not Out - Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.
3.3. Silent Killer & Give a Little Push - 5 stealth kills & knock 10 enemies off a high place.
3.4. Bring the Heat - Kill enemy from 50 meters with headshot using thermal scope.
3.5. High Voltage - Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.
3.6. Finish What You Start - Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.


Silver Trophy Heirlooms Silver Trophy
Collect all the serpent emblems.
There are a total of 80 serpent emblems. 20 of these collectibles are hidden in each campaign (4 campaigns: Leon, Chris, Jake, Ada). Each chapter has exactly 4 serpent emblems! To collect an emblem you need to shoot it with your weapon.
You can leave the game immediately after collecting the emblem. No need to reach the next checkpoint! In the Records Menu as well as Extra Content Menu you can keep track of how many collectibles you have found.

-Leon's Campaign-

-Chris' Campaign-

-Jake's Campaign-

-Ada's Campaign-



Bronze Trophy I Prefer Them Alive Bronze Trophy
Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.
Location: Leon's Campaign - Chapter 2
After finding all figures inside the cathedral you will have to open a secret passageway. A gas monster comes out of the catacombs and it will turn human beings into zombies. You have to kill the gas monster quickly before it can infect all survivors in the room. Use some explosives, as well as your sniper rifle to deal some heavy damage. Doing this on amateur difficulty also helps a lot! On lower difficulties the monster will die sooner. Buy skills that increase your weapon damage to make this a quick fight.

Bronze Trophy Flying Ace Bronze Trophy
Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.
Location: Chris' Campaign - Chapter 4
You have to play as Chris to do this! At the very end of Chris' Campaign - Chapter 4 you will be piloting a VTOL (fighter jet). You have to destroy all anti-aircraft guns on the deck of an enemy ship while evading incoming missiles.
Always pay attention on the VTOL health status in the bottom right. If you should ever see it glowing red then you got hit and have to restart the checkpoint immediately! Keep some distance to the helicopters so that you don't crash into them. Also stay away from the anti-aircraft guns. Once all guns have been destroyed you have to protect your partner and shoot incoming enemies. The trophy / achievement will unlock when the chapter is over and the final cutscene begins to play.

Bronze Trophy Hard ChoiceBronze Trophy
Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.
Location: Jake's Campaign - Chapter 4
Make sure that you have some ammo for your Elephant Killer Magnum gun and play as Jake. After the motorcycle ride and after Chris & Piers help you fighting off some enemies you will come to an area with mutated J'avo and a helicopter. The helicopter will drop some enemies once in a while. Use that opportunity to climb up the rope that is attached to the helicopter. Once on top, shoot the pilot with the Elephant Killer Magnum gun.
If you take too long Chris and Piers will shoot down the helicopter and a cutscene begins to play. If you should see that cutscene before getting the trophy / achievement then leave the game immediately! The game will save your progress otherwise and you would have to start the chapter from scratch.

Bronze Trophy Sneaking Around Bronze Trophy
Get through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed.
Location: Ada's Campaign - Chapter 4
After collecting the three passcodes in the beginning of chapter 4 you will come to the bridge area of the aircraft carrier. The relevant section for the trophy / achievement starts when Chris and Piers come up the elevator. Make sure that you have some non-explosive bolts for your crossbow before trying this. You have to kill at least 4 enemies, 2 guards and 2 "cockroaches". Don't try to sneak your way around the cockroaches. They would always notice you shortly before you drop out of the air vent.
Stay out of the spotlights and only use the crossbow to take out enemies. When reaching the part with the second spotlight you have to perform a little slide to avoid being seen. If an enemy should see / hear you or even trigger an alarm then restart from the last checkpoint and try again.



Bronze Trophy Bob and Weave Bronze Trophy
Counter an enemy's attack three times in row.
Location: Leon's Campaign - Chapter 2
To perform a counter you have to press R1 (PS3) / RB (X360) shortly before an enemy hits you with a strike or grapple move. Your timing needs to be perfect!
This only seems to work against normal zombies, not against armed J'avo or other infected / mutated creatures. Furthermore, you will probably have to do a little more than just 3 counters in a row. I had to do at least 4. It never worked when doing exactly 3 counters.
Load up chapter 2 of Leon's campaign. Shortly after the chapter starts you will be on a graveyard. Try to counter all incoming melee attacks from zombies. If you run out of enemies restart the checkpoint.

Bronze Trophy Down, Not Out Bronze Trophy
Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.
When attempting this in single player make sure to buy the "Lone Wolf" skill to keep your AI partner from helping you. The skill menu becomes available after beating the first chapter. Let an enemy attack you until your health is depleted. Load up Leon's Campaign - Chapter 2 because it has lots of enemies in the starting area. Once you are down, kill at least one enemy and wait until the bar at the bottom of the screen has filled up.

Bronze Trophy Silent Killer & Give a Little Push Bronze Trophy
Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.
Knock ten enemies off a high place.

Location: Chris' Campaign - Chapter 1
After about 15 minutes into the first chapter of Chris' Campaign you will fight through some houses and come to a set of metal stairs. The first enemy on the stairs has his back turned to you and is standing in front of the railing. Run towards him and press the shown button for a melee attack. You will then throw down the enemy which counts as a "stealth attack" at the same time. Keep restarting the checkpoint over and over again and repeat the procedure until you have both trophies / achievements.

Bronze Trophy Bring The Heat Bronze Trophy
Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.
Location: Chris' Campaign - Chapter 2
The Anti-Material Rifle from Piers has a thermal scope. This is Piers' starting weapon and it will be placed in your inventory automatically.
A great place to get a 50 meter headshot is in the very beginning of Chris' Campaign - Chapter 2. Make sure to play as Piers though. He is the only one who has the required weapon. Once chapter 2 starts, go as far back as you can and watch out for the snipers behind the windows. Turn on the thermal scope by pressing Triangle (PS3) / Y (X360) and give an enemy a headshot. Restart the checkpoint if you couldn't score a headshot on the first try.

Bronze Trophy High Voltage Bronze Trophy
Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.
This can only be done when playing as Sherry! She is the only character with a stun rod. It's one of her starting weapons and will automatically be available from the beginning on.
A great place to farm 10 kills is Jake's Campaign - Chapter 1. There is a checkpoint after the cutscene where Sherry asks for Jake's blood. Kill the next group of J'avo with stun rod charge attacks and keep restarting the checkpoint until you have the trophy / achievement. To charge up the stun rod you need to hold L1+R1 (PS3) / LT+RT (X360).

Bronze Trophy Finish What You Start Bronze Trophy
Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.
Location: Leon's Campaign - Chapter 4
You will have to fight some sort of gas monster immediately after chapter 4 of Leon's campaign starts. Shoot it until it kneels down and perform a normal melee attack to finish it off (R1 on PS3 / RT on X360). Each time you defeat this monster with a melee attack it will count as a coup de grâce. Go back to the main menu, restart the chapter and repeat the procedure until you get the trophy / achievement. In the Weapons section of the "Records" menu you can see how many enemies you have killed with a coup de grâce.


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