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Lollipop Chainsaw Guide

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1. Collectibles
1.1. All Lollipop Wrapper Locations

2. Story-Related
2.1. Watch Out For The Balls (Stage 1 - Highschool)
2.2. Go, Medal Racer, Go! (Stage 2 - Stadium)
2.3. Cheerleader Overboard! (Stage 2 - Stadium)
2.4. Legendary harvester (Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm)
2.5. Third Eye (Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm)
2.6. No Fear Of Heights (Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center)
2.7. Critical UFO Finish (Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center)
2.8. Little Sisters Are The Worst! (Stage 5 - Cathedral)
2.9. Elephant Tamer (Stage 5 - Cathedral)
2.10. Aced Auto-shop Class (Stage 6 - Killabilly)
2.11. Fingered (Stage 6 - Killabilly)

3. Miscellaneous
3.1. I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! - Peeped under Juliet's skirt once
3.2. Leapfrog girl - Leapfrogged 10 times in a row
3.3. Sparkle Hunting Master - Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting


Silver Trophy Lollipop Addict Silver Trophy
Collected all lollipop wrappers.

There are a total of 40 lollipop wrappers. Some of them are in plain sight while others are well hidden and easy to miss. The lollipop wrappers look like golden glowing lollipops. They can also be used to restore health. Make sure you have the difficulty set to hard. On easy and normal not all of the lollipops spawn.



Bronze Trophy Watch Out For The Balls Bronze Trophy
Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times.
Location: Stage 1 - Highschool
At the very end of stage 1 you will have to fight a boss called "Zed". The fight consists of three rounds. In the last round (after destroying the giant speaker), Zed will keep throwing two orange glowing discs at you. Jump around to doge the discs and stand in front of Zed when the discs fly back to him. Press Circle (PS3) / B (X360) to perform a counter. Do this 15 times to unlock the trophy / achievement. It will take 5-7 minutes.

Bronze Trophy Cheerleader Overboard! Bronze Trophy
Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke's ship.
Location: Stage 2 - Stadium
At the end of the 2nd Stage you will have to fight a boss called Vikke. After cutting him in half you position yourself near the railing of the ship. Keep standing there until you are kicked down. A short QTE will begin where you repeatedly have to press Circle (PS3) / B (X360). Complete the QTE successfully to get back on the ship and to unlock the trophy / achievement.

Bronze Trophy Go, Medal Racer, Go! Bronze Trophy
Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash.
As you progress in stage 2 you will come to the rooftops after fighting through a building. There are 4 rooftop sequences where you can pick up the zombie medals (the golden coins) and they are separated by other little events where you have to fight off several zombies. If you think you missed a coin reload the last checkpoint! Especially at the very end after collecting the last coin you should pause the game and prepare to restart if the trophy / achievement does not pop. Once you use to final ramp you will be trapped inside the stadium and there is no turning back!
Make sure that you pick up every single coin while using the chainsaw dash move! If you stop the dash and get the coins by walking over them it won't count and you will have to reload the latest checkpoint!

Bronze Trophy Legendary harvester Bronze Trophy
Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.
Location: Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm
During stage 3 you will have to kill 100 zombies in a field area. Leave at least one of the zombies at the edge of the field alive and drive over the straw until everything has been harvested. Wait for the trophy / achievement to unlock before you kill the last zombie. If it doesn't unlock you might have missed a little piece.

Bronze Trophy Third Eye Bronze Trophy
Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.
Location: Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm
At the end of the 3rd Stage you will have to fight a boss called Mariska. Dodge all of the soap bubbles by running & jumping in circles around the area. Mariska will only throw the bubbles during the first and second phase of the boss fight, but not during the third one (where the big zombie hand is chasing you). Finishing the fight will automatically unlock the "Dirty Hippy" trophy / achievement.

Bronze Trophy No Fear Of Heights Bronze Trophy
Beat the Gondola game without shooting.
Location: Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center
The Gondola game is a forced event during stage 4. It cannot be missed! The game is about 2 minutes long and you are not allowed to get hit by any flying objects. Never shoot by pressing Triangle (PS3) / Y (X360). If you get hit or shoot you will have to restart the checkpoint.
Always pay attention on the blue guys that are throwing objects at you. If you see that they are moving their hands they are about to throw something at you. If multiple objects are flying into your direction then stop moving forward and move left or right to dodge. Also pay attention on the turning floor tiles. Never "park" your gondola on them. You can also move backwards and camp at a safe distance to figure out the attack pattern of the enemies. The enemies throw objects at random speed which slightly changes each time you die!

Bronze Trophy Critical UFO Finish Bronze Trophy
Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds.
Location: Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center
At the end of stage 4 you will have to fight a boss called Josey. In the last phase of the fight you are on an UFO and have to destroy blue antennas. You have 3 minutes in total (which is more than enough). After destroying everything you can finish Josey. He won't attack you after the antennas have been destroyed. Attack him once the timer is at ~10 seconds and complete the QTE to end the fight.

Bronze Trophy Little Sisters Are The Worst! Bronze Trophy
Do not get hit by Rosalind's wrecking ball.
Location: Stage 5 - Cathedral
Halfway through stage 5 you will meet up with Rosalind. She will try to support you by swinging a giant wrecking ball through the zombie hordes. Always keep an eye on the wrecking ball and stay on distance. In the first area you should activate your sparkle hunt ability to kill zombies with one hit. In the second area you just need to complete a QTE. In the third area you should only use the chainsaw blaster (the weapon that looks like a grenade launcher). Camp on safe distance and refill your ammo if you need to. Restart the checkpoint if you get hit.

Bronze Trophy Elephant Tamer Bronze Trophy
Counter Lewis' attack 10 times.
Location: Stage 5 - Cathedral
At the end of the 5th stage you will have to fight a boss called Lewis. In the first phase of the fight he will drive around on his motorcycle. Keep attacking him until his health bar is empty. The game will tell you to finish him, but don't do that! Just wait for a few seconds. Lewis will get back on his motorcycle and attack you. Stay in the center of the area and press Triangle (PS3) / Y (X360) when displayed. Complete the short QTE and repeat the process until the trophy / achievements unlocks.

Bronze Trophy Aced Auto-shop Class Bronze Trophy
Clear all the Kill Car QTE's in a row.
Location: Stage 6 - Killabilly
Right after Stage 6 starts you will have to move down a long street and Killabilly will be throwing cars at you. You will have to hit the flying cars with Triangle (PS3) / Y (X360)
at the right moment to build little bridges that allow you to move on. You need to hit 7 cars in total. The trophy / achievement will unlock once you reach the end of the street.

Bronze Trophy Fingered Bronze Trophy
Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight!
Location: Stage 6 - Killabilly
At the end of Stage 6 you will have to fight a boss called Killabilly. During the last phase of the boss fight you will be on a rooftop. Killabilly will lower his hands from time to time. Always attack his fingers, but also pay attention on his health bar in top right corner of the screen. Do not kill him before the trophy / achievement unlocks! One hit with the chainsaw is enough to cut off a finger.



Bronze Trophy I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! Bronze Trophy
Peeped under Juliet's skirt once.
You can do this at any time during the game. Move the camera until Juliet covers her skirt with her hand and wait for a few seconds. If you have the camera in the right angle the trophy / achievement will pop after a few seconds.

Bronze Trophy Leapfrog girl Bronze Trophy
Leapfrogged 10 times in a row.
This can be done everywhere. Leave one single zombie alive and keep jumping over him with the leapfrog move 10 times in a row (PS3: Circle - X360: B). If you accidentally perform a normal jump, the counter will reset and you will have to start again.

Bronze Trophy Sparkle Hunting Master Bronze Trophy
Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting.
Location: Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm
Towards the end of Stage 3 you will come to an area with lots of blue and red barrels. Three waves of zombies will spawn here. The third wave has 32 zombies. Wait until you are surrounded by lots of zombies and activate Star Soul Mode with R2 (PS3) / RT (X360). Star Soul Mode allows you to kill zombies with one single hit. Just perform a normal strike with Triangle (PS3) / Y (X360).


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