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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct - All Poster Locations

There are a total of 8 Posters in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Finding all of them will earn you the "The Missing 8" trophy / achievement. Your progress will be saved everytime you find a new collectible. There is no need to look for it again if you die.

WARNING: You cannot get all collectibles in one playthrough! You have to play through the story at least two times. At some points you can travel in two directions with your car. If you choose one location you won't be able to visit the other unless you start a new game and replay the areas. All statistics (collectibles, kills etc.) will stay if you start a new game in the main menu.




#1 - Pemberton
Immediately after this area starts you will have to go into the police station to talk to the Sheriff. In the police station is a room with some holding cells. In the same room is the very first Poster. The poster says "Wanted" and there's a woman on it.

#2 - Fontana
When you go into the kitchen where you have to help woman named scout, look on the kitchen wall. There is a white poster of the cook.

#3 - Taggart
When entering this area you will have to talk to a lady in the projection room. In the same building you can find the poster on a wall.

#4 - Archer Creek
After pushing the third car you will enter a building. After opening the entrance door you will see this poster on the wall in front of you.

#5 - Sherwood
From where you start in this area, go straight until you reach the last house. Go inside and you will find a picture of a woman with a fish in her hands in the bedroom.


#6 - Garwater
When entering this area a police officer will give you a shotgun. After receiving the shotgun follow your compass down the road until you come to a fire station. There is a green jeep parked in front of it. Enter the building and go straight. Here you will find the picture of a forest ranger (a young woman) on the wall.

#7 - Cleburne
Shortly after entering this area you will talk to a survivor and he will tell you that he doesn't have any meds. Just a few seconds after that you will come to a reception and a long corridor. The poster is in the very last room, on the right side of the corridor. Look for some pictures on a table, next to a corpse.

#8 - Lafferty
After talking to Noah Cruz you will go through a little shop. A zombie will then break through a door and you will need to go through a small, dark room. The last poster is on the wall of this small room.

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